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Working to keep our employees safe FAQs – COVID-19

Client Specific Measurement

We have worked with each of our clients to introduce specific measures to suit our clients individual needs and workplace.

Helpful information and advice

The Business Connection have created a Coronavirus policy that has been sent to all our workers.

• What prevention strategies are you putting in place for your organisation?

The Business Connection have introduced a Coronavirus policy which advises about Coronavirus symptoms and introduces steps to control the risk of infection, including mandatory self-isolation procedures, social distancing, and regular hand washing.

• Who do I speak to regarding Coronavirus concerns?

You must contact your Account Manager to report/discuss any Coronavirus concerns you might have. We will ensure that all concerns are investigated & addressed straight away, however this will be confidential & we will not confirm/disclose information to you about any concerns you raise to ensure the privacy of the person(s) in question is protected.

• What prevention strategies have you put in place for your internal staff?

Social distancing – we have introduced a number of measures to reduce social interaction within our office. These include introducing a one-way system throughout our office, ensuring desks are at least 2metres apart, not sharing any equipment and only holding essential meetings face-to-face.

Self quarantine – we have introduced mandatory self-quarantine procedures to ensure employees do not attend work when sick
Increased hygiene procedures – the offices are cleaned more frequently and all employees are provided with their own hand sanitiser, tissues and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes so they can clean their own work stations as and when they feel necessary.

• What prevention strategies have you put in place for your temporary workforce?

Covid-screening – as part of our registration process, all candidates are now screened to see whether they have travelled to restricted areas, experienced any symptoms or whether anyone in their household has symptoms.

On-line registration – registrations are completed online to limit face-to-face interaction and interviews are completed over video calls

Self-quarantine – we have introduced mandatory self-quarantine procedures. Any sickness absence due to Coronavirus (supported by a valid 111 or NHS online note) will be recorded separately to other sickness absence & we guarantee no worker will be penalised for shifts missed due to it. We also ensure there are no delays in processing SSP where a valid note has been provided on time.

Client specific measures – we have worked with each of our clients to ensure their specific needs are met. This includes conducting daily temperature checks and issuing temporary workers with additional PPE (including face masks)

• Are you supplying additional PPE?

Additional Covid-PPE is provided where required