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Tips on getting your job search started

For our blog this month, here at The Business Connection we will be focusing on getting your job search started! Tune in to our social channels and blog each week to read advice and our latest tips.

1. Decide on your direction

The first thing to do when starting your job search is deciding on your direction. Start by thinking about the job or industry that you’re in and decide whether you are looking to remain in the sector – or are you ready for a complete change? If you’re unsure of whether to stay or leave, try writing a pros and cons list to help you decide.

If you decide to leave your current industry, look at what you are interested in, but also consider which sectors you could transfer your skills into. They will need to be linked to your current role/industry, otherwise future employers may decide that there is no common ground on your CV. To go from retail into HR in one step will probably be unrealistic, so you may need to carefully plan the stages inbetween, to effectively develop your career path.

You can also contact The Business Connection, where one of our advisors will talk you through a variety of jobs that may suit your skill set, if you’re looking to change.

2. Update your CV 

The second thing to think about when starting your job search is refreshing your CV to make sure it is up to date and relevant to your new career path.

Start by ensuring your jobs (past and present) are updated and explain your main responsibilities at each. Always start with your most recent role and work backwards – future employers will be much more interested in what you have been doing in the last 5 years, rather than your first Saturday job whilst at school!

Try and cut out any useless information and generic waffle that may be lengthening your CV. As a rule of thumb, your CV should not be longer than two A4 sheets of paper, but don’t worry if you need to go onto a third sheet, rather than omitting any key information.

Keep your CV tidy by including headings to break up sections and bullet points instead of large blocks of text – this makes your CV easier to follow and may increase your chances of getting to interview stage.

Make sure your CV is personal and lets your personality shine through – without being so “wacky” and obscure that it may put off future employers. If you need advice on compiling or amending your CV, please contact the experienced team at The Business Connection who can advise you accordingly.

3. Update your social media channels

Our third tip on starting your job search is updating your social media channels. In the digital world that we live in, it is becoming increasingly common for employers to search for potential candidates on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as LinkedIn, which is why it is important to clear out any old detrimental status updates, partying photos and other potentially harming content.

Start by flushing out any harmful content that may be on your social media pages. We suggest scrolling through your status updates from the past few years and deleting anything that may put future employees off getting you in for an interview.

Check your profile pictures. Although these are your personal social media channels, ensure your profile pictures truly reflect you and don’t give too much away as again, this could be damaging to your job applications.

If you simply don’t have time to cleanse your channels, it may be worth checking your security settings before starting your job search. We suggest sharing as little as possible unless you are using your channels to voice opinions on industry news on the likes of LinkedIn.

4. Manage your time effectively

Many of us may already be in full or part-time employment when looking for another job so making the best possible use of that free time is crucial. Tirelessly scrolling through an endless search of job listings will likely leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out pretty quickly.

The key to using your time effectively stems from our first point – deciding on your direction. This will help you to focus on the right opportunities and tailor your individual applications for better quality results.  

Here at The Business Connection, we understand better than anyone that effective job-hunting takes time and that’s where our highly experienced team of advisors steps in. We take our time to find the right jobs to match your skill set, so you don’t have to!

5. Contact The Business Connection

Sometimes tasks are best left to the experts and that’s where we step in when it comes to your job search. When it comes to recruitment, we really know our stuff. So, by contacting us to help you find your perfect career, you are placing yourself in the best possible hands.

Our team of expert recruiters currently have a number of fantastic full-time and part-time positions open that may suit your skill set down to the ground, so get in touch with us today to kick start your job search!