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The Perfect Recruitment Pancake Recipe


For the candidate attraction mixture:

55g job openings

1 cracking advert

100ml job boards and TBC database

25g screening questions

Pinch of The Business Connection recruitment expertise

To Serve:

Sprinkling of motivation

Drizzle of golden success



  1. Add your un-filled position to an email and send to
  2. We will make a well in the centre of the vacancy and crack an “eggcellent” advert in to it.
  3. We then blend the advert until you are happy with the consistency and volume.
  4. Next, we whisk your cracking advert to our job boards and social media sites until the batter is smooth and covers the whole of the internet.
  5. Now, once your pan is really hot, we add a few screening questions to your pan-campaign.
  6. Our experienced Recruiters invite a small amount of shortlisted candidates to register.
  7. When cooked on one side, flip your recruitment methods completely over and interview the best applicants.
  8. Stack the applicants as you interview them, making note of the best applicants. TOP TIP: Place your candidates over simmering feedback emails to keep them warm whilst you interview the rest.
  9. To serve, sprinkle your preferred applicant pancake with a little motivation and a drizzle of golden success to welcome them to your business!