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Laura Ludden

Recruitment Team Leader

I joined The Business Connection Group … at the start of 2020, when I discovered my passion for recruitment. After living in Ibiza over the summer, I was excited to get stuck into a new role back at home. My job now is to help people find their dream job, just like I have found mine.  I am excited to continue my career at The Business Connection.

What I love about my job… is helping others find the right position for them. It is important that everyone enjoys being in work, as this is where you spend most of your time. It makes me happy knowing I have helped someone get where they want to be. Not to mention the office environment – everyone is so friendly and we all know how to have a good laugh, whilst working hard!

When I’m not in the office… I like to spend my time socialising and regularly meeting up with friends and family. I love a catch up over a drink or two!