How to prepare for a telephone interview

Have you got a telephone interview in the pipeline and want to make a good impression? With more and more companies wanting candidates to complete a telephone interview before they get through the door, we at The Business Connection have compiled our top tips on how to prepare, and what to say to increase your chances for getting to the next stage.

Do your homework

It is extremely important to prepare ahead of your telephone interview. Start by researching the company’s values and what services they provide in detail to help you understand the business wholly. We suggest going through their website, extracting useful information and making notes that are easy to follow during your phone call.

Listen first

When speaking to your interviewer, ensure you listen to the whole question as well as to what they have to say before speaking. Make sure you completely absorb the question before answering and remember not to be worried about asking the person to repeat the question if you need more time.

End on a positive

Following the interview questions, and if you still want the job, try to end the call on a positive. We suggest mentioning how interested you are in the position and how the work that they do sounds really interesting and compatible with your skillset. Try to ask when and where the next step will take place.

Ask The Business Connection for advice

Struggling to get past the telephone interview stage? Get in touch with us today and one of our expert recruiters will advise you on a range of jobs and will guide you through each interview process.