Hiring in a Covid-19 world

During the Covid-19 outbreak, employers and HR Managers are faced with a plethora of new responsibilities, on top of the usual tasks such as hiring & training new staff. While many organisations have temporarily closed or put their recruitment on hold, for some companies it is business as usual.

We understand that companies recruiting for key positions before Covid-19 need to move forward with this process & businesses in need of additional workers, must find a legal & socially responsible way to hire new staff. With that in mind, we have gathered some expert advice to help guide you through the process of hiring during Covid-19.



Inviting candidates for interviews in-person raises potential safety issues. Where possible, interviews should be conducted remotely. In situations where candidates must attend the workplace for interviews, employers are responsible for taking the appropriate safety precautions.

During lockdown, employers have turned to virtual interviews over Zoom & Skype. Before starting a virtual interview, it is important to make sure both parties have the information needed to connect the video. You can find more advice on conducting virtual interviews here.

There are also legal considerations to make when conducting virtual interviews. It is important to gain consent if the interview is being recorded.

Testing applicants for Covid-19

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) have recently released guidance for employers screening candidates for Covid-19. Employers can screen candidates after making a conditional offer, provided this is done for all new employees in the same job. Employers may also:

  • Delay the start of an applicant if they display symptoms of Covid-19
  • Require employees to work from home
  • Decline to hire candidates who refuse to work at the designated location, whether on-site or remote.

Employers who choose to enforce any kind of medical screening, such as temperature checks, must consider them to be medical examinations and be treated as confidential medical records. It is important that Consistent and non-discriminatory application of company policies and procedures will be critical throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Can you require employees to work from home or self-isolate?

Yes. As an employer you are responsible for protecting the health of your employees. Nobody with coronavirus or related symptoms should be in the workplace – regardless of position. 


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