Employers: Reasons why you may be struggling to recruit

Have you been struggling to find the right candidate for a position? Found the right person but they have turned you down for another company? The most sought-after candidates can be hard to find and lock down, which is why we’ve collated our top reasons to why you may be struggling to recruit.

Your workplace lacks benefits

One reason why you may be struggling to lock down a possible employee is that your workplace lacks diversity that other businesses offer. Offering perks such as flexible working hours, the ability to buy and sell holidays and hosting a monthly team building activity could really sway a candidate to choose to work for you over somebody else.

You’re not offering a fair salary compared to your competitors

Another reason why you may be finding it hard to recruit is that you aren’t offering a fair salary for the position you are advertising for. A good way to work out the industry average is by looking at similar jobs online as well as what you can afford and meeting somewhere in the middle. Another way to check you’re on the right lines with industry average is asking your expert recruitment consultant for advice.

You’re not asking for help

Struggling to put the time and effort into finding your next superstar? When trying to meet deadlines, manage staff and in some cases keep clients happy, it can be hard to dedicate time to finding suitable employees for your business. Here at The Business Connection, we cover all roles and sectors and visit each client individually.

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