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Creating a company culture for the socially distanced workplace

As the Government eases lockdown restrictions, many people have started returning to work. However, to ensure a successful return it is vital for businesses to adapt their cultures. Suggested safety measures are sure to result in drastic changes, leaving employers in a new predicament: how to reinvigorate and sustain workplace culture. Getting it right means retaining skilled employees but getting it wrong could see them walk out the door.

Proposed health and safety rules include staggered shifts, two-metre distancing, not sharing equipment/desks and no face to face meetings. So, what can employers do to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for everyone to return to?

Maintain channels of connection

A greater emphasis on connectivity is one of the positive trends that has emerged from lockdown. It is important that employers encourage this to continue when returning to the workplace. For many, there will be a transition period with only a limited number of people returning to the office. During this time, employers need to communicate regularly and clearly to both office and remote staff as well as continuing to hold meetings and events online.

Company values relevant to our “new normal”

A company’s culture is built on the values, beliefs and attitudes employees share. After the Covid-19 outbreak, some employees will want to return to the ‘normal’ they knew, whereas others will want to reflect on the recent months and make appropriate changes. It is therefore worthwhile to review company values and ensure they reflect our new reality.

Communication is key

The importance of clear communication during these uncertain times cannot be overstated. Employers should provide as much information as possible to their employees. By communicating frequently, in an open, transparent, and timely manner, employers can demonstrate the care and respect they have for their staff. Now is the time to show your employees that you are responsive, responsible, proactive, and invested.