4 ways to boost your motivation after a holiday!

We are half way through January, the month when we are faced with dark mornings and trying to keep up with those tough New Year’s resolutions. With this said, it can be difficult getting yourself into a positive frame of mind in order to achieve your New Year goals.

Heading back into work after any holiday can be difficult and after being in work for a couple of weeks after the Christmas break, despite your good intentions you may be lacking motivation. We have put together 4 ways to boost your motivation during 2019 and help you get back into the swing of work after a break of any length!

Allow time to prepare

Use your Mondays at work to set priorities for the next week and to catch up on the backlog of work that you probably left on your to-do list. Dedicate a good few hours to do your admin such as filing and deleting emails, following this, create a day-by-day to-do list to help construct your first few days back.

 Prepare your lunch

Ensure to take a healthy lunch and a large bottle of water to work with you. This will help you avoid reaching for calorific, sugary snacks and drinks that may leave you feeling both guilty and lethargic.

Take a lunch break

On your first day back (and from then on), ensure you take a full lunch break and if possible, take a walk outside. This will not only break up your day but will give you the time and space needed to ensure you are working productively and thinking clearly on your return to the workplace. 

Think forward

One of the best ways to beat those back-to-work blues is to plan exciting weekends to look forward to. We suggest planning a special treat for the weekend after your first week back at work or even booking your next holiday. This will help keep your spirits high and will give you something to think about during the week.

 Make your next move

If you are doing the above and the January Blues/holiday blues are lingering all year round maybe it’s time to make a career change in 2019. Our team of expert recruiters are here and ready to support you. Get in touch today!